Best in class API Design, Docs, Mocking, and Testing

Stoplight leverages your OpenAPI files to drive the entire API development process.

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The Complete API Toolkit

Visual OpenAPI (Swagger) Designer
Create specs
10x faster
, no specialized knowledge required.
Instant Documentation
Combine OpenAPI files with Markdown to create beautiful documentation for internal and external stakeholders.
One Click Mock Servers
Instantly turn any OpenAPI file into a mock server.
Contract Testing
Ensure your single source of truth (OpenAPI) accurately reflects your API.

Thousands of customers use Stoplight to streamline
their API & Microservice workflow

Key Features

  • API Designer
  • Technical Docs
  • API Mocking
  • API Contract Testing

With the Stoplight visual designer, you don't need to be an OpenAPI Specification expert. Involve everybody in the design process and manage your specifications 10x faster.

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“I feel like Stoplight has the potential to shift the landscape pretty significantly, something I haven't seen any API service provider do in a while.”

Kin Lane, API Evangelist

"Stoplight allows for better public API docs and internal microservice API discovery / management."

Bruce Wang,, CTO

“Stoplight has been a serious game changer for JumpCloud's API development! We love all the rich design, documentation and testing features, which has enabled us to design awesome APIs for our customers.”

John Vajda, Product Manager, JumpCloud

"Stoplight provides a centralized, testable and reliable source for our APIs."

Gil Barbara, AMARO, Frontend engineer